An Interdisciplinary Approach

BAIS was created for everyone who is interested in Artificial Intelligence that positively impacts humankind. We believe that in order to create technology that benefits all members of society, a diverse group of people needs to be engaged in discussions around AI's implementation and use.

Weekly Discussions

We organise discussions on pressing problems in AI weekly at a cozy Edinburgh pub.


We aim to break the silos in this field by gathering a diverse group of people from across disciplines and countries.

Theory & Case Studies

We balance theory with case studies in order to ground our discussions in problems that local organizations face.

Tuesdays, 8pm

Sofi’s Southside

Edinburgh, Scotland

We are a University of Edinburgh Society and welcome students from all years and disciplines. Not a student? No problem! We’d love for you to stop by and are actively partnering with local organizations. Contact us for more information!


To illuminate buzz words, refresh your memory, and help you join the discussion.

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